Adewale Ayuba is my Role Model -Alatunto

BCTV: Can we meet you?
Alatunto: My name is.. Alo Ayodeji a.k.a alatunto… I am from Efon Alaaye Local Government in Ekiti state,

BCTV : Where did you grow up?
Alatunto:  I  grew up here in Lagos, Dopemu Agege to be precise

BCTV: How did you come into the music industry?
Alatunto: I came into music at a very tender age say like 10years of age. I sing for people and get paid while they make their request for any kind of songs then both home,school and in church .

BCTV: What are the challenges you have faced so far as an artiste?
Alatunto: I face alot of challenges. Monetary aspects is hell but thank God for his mercies now.

BCTV: Who first believed in you?
Alatunto: people from outside believe much in me before my family now support me to go ahead with it.

 BCTV: What is the inspiration behind your songs?
Alatunto: Almighty God has been my source of inspiration

BCTV: Do you think music production in Nigeria has inproved ?
Alatunto: music in Nigeria is at its pick right now God is involved in every ramifications.

BCTV: If you are to collaborate with any artiste in Nigeria,  who would that be?
Alatunto: I can do collaboration with any good musicians both home and abroad.

BCTV: Do you engage in any other business aside music ?
Alatunto: I sell omputer systems.

BCTV: What project are currently working on?
Alatunto: I am a bout to release the visuals for my third album titled Agbala itura..(Garden of Peace)

BCTV: Who is your role model ?
Alatunto: chief Adewale ayuba is my role model in the music industry..Though I am a gospel artist. But Ayuba is my mentor.

BCTV: One word for aspiring musicians
Alatunto: my advice for young coming iIs they should work hard and be more original. Originality speaks it all

BCTV: One word for your fans
Alatunto: my fans should always expect more inspirational songs from the stables of Alatunto

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