Ambassador Of Vanity

In the fire of vanity they rose from the aches of duty,
Temporary but permanent in their sight,
With their eyes full of tears of greed they build castle in the air, And leave the citizen with clean clothes under leaking roofs.
Their secret coverages I,you,us we see,
Their so-called immortal souls as clean as gutter,
Glass cups of power they cling with their teeth kissing the air, Making the red wines to disgrace the white cloth of the citizen.
Sink in their red sea the Creator had been,
Red Sea our lips sag to heart,
Just a bite of the power’s apple they do,
Behold! The watermelon of the masses’ happiness they swallow.
This day this time they want their consumable pap,
To be covered by leaves of protection,
Our dying plants they’ll still drench their rain of horror,
And use their blood for rememdy to their sage.
This day the needless mouth they would feed,
Importing coats to newcastle
And Carrot to North,
Tales of prayer the citizenry lips should sag to they would preach, From the sermon of bestiality on the altar of vanity.
Lies they they turned to their hallmark,
Making their West to be West-west,
Water has been deserting our economic fish they would say,
Where their crocodiles are often suffocated by the colourless water.
Their might are blight that fright not our plight,
With their rods of destruction shooting bullets of hunger,
Like an unseen air their pride would be,
When the bag of power had got off their shoulders.
Ambassadors of dignity of Vanity?
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