“Arrest Us If We Have Stolen Any Money” Ajimobi

Abiola Ajimobi the out- going Governor of Oyo state asked incoming administration to arrest him if he is found guilty of stealing  of public funds .

This statement was made at a  public lecture and fellowship investiture organized by Society for Peace Studies and Practice at the Subomi Balogun Conference Centre, University of Ibadan. on Thursday.

During his lectures he made stated

  “We will work till the last day of this administration. We don’t care about what some people are saying all about… As I am talking to you today, this administration still has 18 days and some hours to expire. “When they get there, let them cancel all the contracts we have signed.

The Governor who has made history as the first ever governor to rule for two terms in Oyo State futher stressed that he should be ivestigated and arrested if he is founf guilty of stealing piblic funds .

His words

Let them investigate us and if we have stolen, they should arrest us.” “We have given our best to the state and we will continue to do this. The feats recorded by our administration placed Oyo as one of the five safest havens of investment in the country.

“We are also the fourth investment-friendly state in Nigeria according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics; with a four-star rating for investment friendliness by the Nigerian Export Promotions Commission.”

In March, Seyi Makinde, the incoming governor, accused Ajimobi of awarding N30 billion worth of contracts in a single day. He vowed to review all the contracts signed by the outgoing governor when he takes over.

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