Sometimes when my Boat sink in the sea,
I could see the fishes being cooked by water of inconveniecies,
While a numbered Sharks with air conditioning.
Sometimes when my Hunter is lost in the forest,
I see the Lions being given free blood,
While hands felt stir to stretch to the little Ants.
Sometimes when I look at my fingers,
I could feel a Sun of respect that shines on them,
But, the Pigmies were apprehended in the prison of misfortune.
Sometimes when I go to the farm,
Rose flowers were hidden to the shade of respect,
While the dying plants were exposed to excessive Sun.
When I look at the rising Stars of my Country,
Her Galaxy was made for the masses,
Where ordinary people were given free huts of death;
And make the Big Fishes above the pole of law.
When I hear the horn of my Country,
As loud as the thunder it rang in the ears of the Dwellers,
While it sings song of praises to the ears of the Big Fishes.
Whenever I see the sun of my Country,
It shines on THEIR wet clothes,
While it takes the locust butter of the masses with arrest.
When I look at the fire beneath the pot of my Country,
It rimples with anger to some parts especially=W’ N’ S’,
When the East is swallowed by favour.
Whenever I see the rain from the cloud of my Country,
It showers on the dying plants of the Big Fishes;
While it drenches on the just-moulded blocks by the Small Bricklayers.
Now, I’ve seen the rays of the truth,
with my steady lighting bulbs,
That expands its wide range of vision on the earth of my Country,
Laws were not made as blood to their(the mass) veins;
But, the the stiff veins of the masses.

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