Only Few Nigerians Make Good Music – Brainchild

Thanks for the comments guys seriously I don’t feel bad with your comments . I really appreciate you guys for stopping by to attend to my posts it shows you all love me . God bless you.
The reason behind the post is not to get public attention. Its just that some of us are music lovers who do not know the real definition of music only few artistes in Nigeria make good music .
Wizkid is not a musician he is just an artiste who can play around with tones and can sing to anything.  
We are not making music in Nigeria we are making an organised  noise and wizkid initiated this with unnecessary repetition in his lines which shows he is just saying anything that comes to his mind during his session. Unnecessary repetition is referred to as tautology and in communication that means noise . 
When you say an artiste is great, he must have touched lives positively with his works. 
Wizkid influenced the lifestyle of the teenagers when he came to limelight and he gave them hope that you can be great if you do not give up.  Every child wanted to be like him and every parent wanted to have a child like wizkid doing good in his early days. 
For wizkid to be regarded as a great artiste, he needs to to back to his root , work harder and better songs that can add value to life , preach good morals and inspire life until then wizkid is not a great artiste but Good.
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1 thought on “Only Few Nigerians Make Good Music – Brainchild

  1. You're right Boss… Madness in music earns money in Nigeria not morals again. If you can't invoke some noisy actions, you can't be famous.
    BrainChild, I really respect your dignity for standing out of this ashes despite your gifted and talented personality. I pray you will also succeed one day without invocation,so to say..

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