Why third class graduates make it faster than first class graduates

Hi Guys,
Good day and hope you all are doing great?
This post is not to down talk anyone but to talk about the reality happening in the real world outside the 4 walls of the higher institutions.
Permit me to talk from experience, so far, I have watched my friends who are First class graduates and I have also taken a closer look at my other friends who graduated with 3rd class and I can tell you who are currently winning.
Why is this so, I asked myself? 🤔
I seriously cannot tell the reason why this is so but trust me, I will seek the Opinion of my other colleagues here at Naijaloaded and I believe we will be enlightened at the end.
The opinion from other Nigerians expressed in the comment sections means a lot to us and we won’t toy with it 😉
Let’s do this together 👇

Why Do 3rd Class Graduates Do Better Than First Class Students After School Days?

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