Fast rising artiste and producer Tha Spicy in an interview with Heart2Heart replied “Rema”statement at headies “I am the future” stressed that “everyone is free to say what they want to, the future itself will surely tell.”

On his journey so far .

I started doing music professionally around 2015, yea that was actually when i started going to studio to do my thing.

On how he combines production with singing.

Honestly, It’s not an easy thing to do you know, trying to balance your skill on both aspect professionally, but i’ll just say it’s all about time management and practice, the more you practice the more it gets neutral to you.

On the challenges faced so far

Aaaaah, first thing na money o, financial issues mehn, no matter how big your talent/skill is, if you don’t have a strong financial ground to give it a push you ain’t going anywhere, then aside that, another major challenge for me is time, like me having to cope with academics, music and also photography although i’m just like a part time photographer but these things altogether take a lot of time and one needs to be able to plan himself well so a part wont be left lagging.

Like i said earlier. Financial problem is the major challenge then aside that, discovering your own sound, artists don’t really pay attention to this aspect, you know, everybody now want to sound like someone else and this can’t really bring improvements to the industry, like artists need to learn how to sound original, you’ll see people talking about Naira Marley like “That guy is singing rubbish, his music is trash” and all that, you self sing your trash and blow with it, i’m not a fan of all these types if criticism, we all need to start sounding original, honestly, even me won’t tell you I’ve really discovered my sound yet although it’s something i work on everyday, i need people to see the difference in my music.
Now the last challenge i’ll say is fixing your style/sound in the industry in a way that the audience will appreciate it.

On his current project

Yea yea, currently working on a particular single, it’s titled “Slow Whine” and i’ll be dropping it on my birthday which is November 23rd of this year (2019)

On his role model

I don’t really have a role model or should i say a particular one, like when i see people i only try to emulate the good side of them which I’m interested in, regardless of their status, age, Caliber.

On the flip side

i’m also into photography, it’s just something i found as a hobby and yes i do make money off it.

Tha Spicy also shares his view on the current trend “beat over lyrics”

(Laughs) Beat over lyrics, oh well, beat is part of music, now lyrics is another part of music, if you listen to most hit songs these days beat is always like a shoulder for the lyrics to lean on and this is why i do think producers are underrated, 80% of the time the producer determines if the song will be interesting or not, so i’ll urge the artists and audience out there to pay more attention and give due accolades to music producers.

On the future of entertainment in Nigeria he said

Bright bright, Nigeria entertainment industry has been doing well on the world map lately and for the record it’s always getting better so i think yea, The future of Nigeria entertainment will be greater.

He gave us a shocker on the statement made by Rema at Headies award  “I am the Future ”

(laughs) everyone is free to say what they want to, the future itself will surely tell.

Tha spicy described himself as the greatest, Ambitious Talented
Relentless further stressed on who his major threat is.

Tha Spicy, haha that guy is a bad boy, i’m my major threat.

On a lighter note he gave a word of advice to aspiring artiste , in his words he advised

Well, all i’m just going to say is Keep on working and do remember to put God first.

I hope you had a swell time reading through .keep tabs on Tha Spicy on his social media platforms Facebook: Tha Spicy
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