Pastor Tony Rapu in an  IGTV video affirmed that the church should not split into parts on issues like this. siting an example with the story Jesus told of the farmer who planted wheat and the enemy came to plant weeds amidst them to drive the point that only at harvest would the truth be revealed and no man should judge another man home.

He stressed that, it is in the time of harvest everyone will know whether he is or is not a Christian and only Jesus knows who is or is not his own so, if he says he is a born-again, we all need to accept it till proven otherwise or the fruit of his “salvation” becomes visible.

“If indeed Kanye West is born again, it means that he’s still a young Christian and like the rest of us, he is crafting his own journey into spiritual growth and maturity. That he is a Christian doesn’t make him a voice of Christian leadership. He still needs time,” Rapu said.

Watch Video Below:

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