About Us

Welcome to Ekeibidun.com “Gist Sniffer” Your one stop entertainment hub. News, videos, Celebrity news, Interviews, Entertainemt, Fashion. Always the first to say it! Ekeibidun literally means “News Sniffer” 

Ekeidun is a platform specially designed to inform, educate, entertain, and serve the basic information needs of our readers and visitors across the globe.

Ekeibidun is composed of dynamic , young , vibrant , determined,result orientated and goal-driven individuals.

We are a data gathering and dispersal firm that emphasis on Preoccupation, Enunciations and Culture, Success, Getting ready, Way of life, Families and Associations in Africa.

We plan to show to the remainder of the world the surprising highlights reliably disregarded about the African territory. We are created with different work environments from medicals to luring, from preliminary composition to portraying, from music to photography. We expect to navigate any obstacle where Craftsmanship gets Science all the while keeping together their individual complexities.

We urge our guests to look at our Dear Journal zone where they can examine interesting and rousing messages comparably as have their own arrangements shared to a significant number of guests all around.


Our Vision: To be an ever critical substance socially.

Aims and Objects

1. To be the first to break every news.

2. To uphold the ethics of journalism.

Our Imperative: Go to the unreached; teach the puzzled and relate with all, bearing the enormity and supernatural occurrence of our way of life.