AFIA HOMES Pioneers A Revolution In Housing

AFIA HOMES Pioneers A Revolution In Housing

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One had to ask himself a few times more if these locations are really in Southwest Nigeria. Could it be possible that in the course of our drive towards the estates that we have teleported to some other locations in Western Europe, Florida or the likes.

Welcome to the world of AFIA Homes, a subsidiary of AFIA Construction; an unprecedented approach to Real Estate in this part of the world.

Owning service homes, in choice areas in Nigeria, within the ambit of reasonability and affordability; seems a pipe dream in the 21st Century until we saw for ourselves and had the rare privilege of sitting to rub minds with the Mọ́gàjì Àdáńlá; Engr. Abduljelyl Adékúnlé Karheem, MD/CEO. AFIA Homes.

Schooled and tutored in Building Engineering and Project Management from Ivy League institutions in the United Kingdom, Mọ́gàjì Àdánlá has been able to strike a remarkable balance of his grassroots knowledge of the Nigerian Real Estate realities with his detailed training abroad to come forward with a solution providing approach to housing.

Backed by the credibility of his personality, (the MD/CEO is a monarch in waiting) he blazes the trail of:

Clients having access to their properties the moment they make commitment of a certain percentage of payments.

Having a choice of furniture preferences.

Enjoying a rollover of accrued alternative power supply.

About 17% outright discount.

And many more as it suits one’s taste.

With an upcoming expansion to the other parts of the country, middle East, and other parts of the world; AFIA homes is all in all in the quest to make housing very affordable across a broad base of clientele in less than a year of existence.

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