“You have to believe in yourself if not, others won’t” Gift Ogon

“You have to believe in yourself if not, others won’t” Gift Ogon

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Fast rising Nigerian model ,Gift Ogon in an exclusive interview session with Ekeibidun revealed the secret behind her successful modeling career .

EITV: Can you please tell me about yourself ?

GIFT: i am Gift Ogon, from Ogoja in cross River State.I am a student of University of Nigeria (UNSUKKA) and am a model .

EITV: When did you start your modeling career ?

GIFT: Well i started modeling professionally about two years ago.

EITV: Wow thats lovely can you please share with me the challenges you have faced so far ?

GIFT: Oh… there is no profession without a challenge , but my major challenge is going for casting and getting there , only to find out the officials are yet to arrive. Also i think  doing the casting in an unfavorable condition is also my major challenge. ]

EITV: What do you mean by “Unfavorable condition” ?

GIFT: Like staying and standing under the sun all day .

EITV: Who would you say was the first to believe in your dream ?

GIFT: Will say myself first. You have to believe in yourself before others start to but if you don’t how will others believe in you?.

EITV:  Let’s take you down the memory lane . Can you remember your first job ?

GIFT: Yeah the first job I did was for a beauty studio and I wasn’t paid but my transportation and feeding was taken care of.

Second was also for a beauty studio but it was a wedding shoot and I wasn’t paid also.

EITV: What are your goals as a model?

GIFT: I think my major goal as a model is to be get exposure and recognition .

EITV: So Gift, where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?.

GIFT: Above next rated.

EITV: I want you to describe yourself in 3 words.

GIFT: Well i am explicit, humble and honest.

EITV: If you have the opportunity to change anything in the model and fashion industry what would that be ?

GIFT: The casting is usually very stressful .

EITV: With your bunch of experiences, can you tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of?

GIFT: First time I walked on the runway. Was just wonderful.

EITV: who is your role model ?

GIFT: Queen Onyemachi.

EITV: Wow! what about her ?

GIFT: I chose her ‘cos she’s good on the runway.

EITV: What do you have to tell your fans ?

GIFT: Just keep it real and don’t give up.

EITV What advice do you have for aspiring models who wants to be like you ?

GIFT: Keep on chasing.

You can catch up with your ext big star “Gift Ogon on her Instagram page @MG.

Gift is open to Brand Endorsements .

I hope you had a real swell time , cos i did .

GIFT: yes sure I did.


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